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Filter Formula now free of charge !

As the current version has not been updated for a long time, we have decided to give away Filter Formula professional edition free of charge - as a limited offer, that may be revoked when a new version is available. Please understand that we cannot grant any support for this free software. Please visit our download page to get your free copy of filter formula!

Secure On-line Ordering on our Homepage with special discount prices!

We have finally implemented our own on-line ordering system.
At the same time, we have changed our accounting to EURO, the new european currency. See our prices and availability page or directly enter our download page!

New pages in Homepage

Announcement of FilterFormula Release 1.1

This release will be available for download within the next two weeks.
The following new features have been incorporated in this version:

Besides that, with release 1.1 some organizational changes take effect:

New Pricing:

The full version of FilterFormula is now split into two different offers:
small edition US$ 30
professional edition US$ 55

The only difference between both is that the "small" version does not allow you to create standalone filters, whereas the "professional" version is the same as before. The small version is just for users who want so save some dollars by omitting a feature that they do not really need (they can import & export "FilterFormula interchange files", though).

Notice: If you register until March 31st, you will only have to pay the old price of US$ 49 for the "professional" version - you save US$ 6 !

Of course, all previously registered users of FiFo will be sent the newest release via e-mail. The newest build of the full version can always be downloaded from our site by entering your name and user-id.